Automation Solutions for optimizing Asset Performance & Field Operations
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Getting started is the hardest part

See how we apply the next generation of industrial automation onto your real world situations

Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)

PLAN – Monitor Data and Assets

ONE EAM integrates all internal operational workflows related to tracking, maintaining and managing assets giving visibility into the entire Asset Lifecycle. Stakeholders will be able to Design, Procure, Build, Deploy, Operate, Maintain and Decommission all assets with greater efficiency.

Device Management
Asset Tracking
Asset History
Over The Air (OTA) Updates
Warranty Compliance
Service Contract Management
Remote Monitoring
Preventative Maintenance

Lifecycle Management
Procurement & Inventory Management
Work Order Management
Project Costing
Labor Management
Business Analytics
API/App Integrations

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Asset Performance Management (APM)

PREDICT – Optimize Asset Performance

ONE APM optimizes and predicts the Reliability, Availability and Performance of your machines, equipment and vehicles in order to reduce maintenance costs and insure worker safety. It anticipates and adjusts to the ways the factory and field actually operate and delivers value to customers. ONE APM automatically generates real-time insights and recommendations across the factory and field for any asset.

Predictive Maintenance
Regulatory Compliance
Digital Twinning
Condition Monitoring
Calibration Management
Criticality Analytics

Lifecycle Cost Analytics
Root Cause Analytics
Reliability Analytics
Hazard Analytics
Asset Utilization
Asset Health

Manufacturers with excessive maintenance costs0%
Companies with legacy system obligations0%
Companies who make service optimization decisions without use of supporting data0%
IT leadership with reactive responses to malfunctions0%

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Field Sales & Service Management (SSM)

EXECUTE – Optimize Field Operations

ONE SSM gives stakeholders in the field and back at the office the real-time information and next generation tools they need to optimize their sales and service delivery operations. ONE’s intelligent Cloud and Devices monitor and learn from your personnel, vehicles, equipment and environment, to provide real-time managerial insight, operational intelligence and predictive analytics improving the experience at every customer engagement throughout the organization.

Sales Pipeline Management
Scheduling Optimization & Automated Dispatch
Intelligent Routing
Customer Experience

Workforce Management
Workforce Mobility
Work Order Management
Service Ticket Management
Demand Forecasting
Resource Capacity Planning
Service Analytics

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Secure and Trust Everything Connected

ONE’s embedded Intelligence monitors and analyzes all your Devices to Predict and Prevent cyber security events